McKenzie Smith Bennett Volunteering

Volunteering at MSB

At this point in our year, in response to COVID restrictions, most volunteering opportunities are on hold at MSB. However, there are still opportunities to volunteer for School Council and/or to represent MSB parents at HDSB level committees.

Council Opportunities

Help make a difference in your child's school! Participating on your school's council is a great way to learn what is happening at the school, a chance to meet other parents, and to make a direct impact on student success. We have opportunities that suit just about everyone's skill or interest level.

School Council: Meets once per month at the school. Council acts as a liaison between parents and school administrators and the community at large and also raises funds for school improvements. Council encourages and solicits parental involvement/engagement in school – a key ingredient for a school’s success.

Chair/Vice-Chair of Council: Arranges meetings, sets agendas, chairs the meetings, ensures minutes are recorded, keeps up to date with Board initiatives, and communicates with principal, community and council members.

Secretary: Takes the minutes of the meetings, records motions and business arising and circulates to council and posts for community review.

Treasurer: Tracks the monthly expenses, income and budget of the School Council and reports to the school board and council as regularly.

Voting Parent: Attends monthly council meetings, reviews minutes, solicits views from other parents, and actively participates in discussions and council activities.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising helpers: Are you someone who would love to just help from time to time? We need assistance with fundraising administration including handling forms, counting funds, sorting product when required. (Not applicable for 2020-2021)

Event Assistance: Would you like to just pitch in from time to time but can’t commit to a regular role? Event helpers are needed from time to time to provide child care for parent nights, help set up refreshment tables, hand out tickets, or flip burgers. A great opportunity for high school students looking for hours!

Please note that in-school volunteers must have the necessary police checks completed and handed into the school office before assuming roles.

If you have questions about these opportunities to help your school or want to know more about School Council in general please call the school number.