Library COVID Procedures

Please return all library materials in your designated RED box.

All requested books will be delivered Friday in your GREEN box.

Students in Grades 4-8 can request available titles from the library--max. 2 books per student. They must search the library catalogue for titles that are available (not checked out) and complete the Student Library Request Form ensuring title and author are recorded. Students and teachers are NOT to place reserves via the library catalogue as we would like to streamline the requests in one spot. Grade 4-8 students can take their books home.

All Teachers/Staff can fill out the Staff Library Request Form to request specific titles--Section A (please check library catalogue for availability first!--please do NOT reserve via library catalogue), teaching resources--Section B, or assorted in-class reading books (Gr. K-3 only). In-class books are to remain in the classroom and are checked out under the teacher’s name. If primary students request certain books (i.e. dinosaur books, princess books, Fly Guy etc), please fill out Section C of the Staff Library Request Form .