At our Primary Family Learning Night, Ms. Martineau, Ms. Bale, and Mrs. Nedanovski share some strategies with parents for writing and reading with their child(ren) at home!

Principal's Message

March 20, 2014

Spring has officially arrived according to the calendar but we continue to experience winter like conditions at MSB!  Our custodial staff is working hard to salt icy areas at the entrances and on areas of the blacktop throughout the day.  We monitor the weather conditions everyday to ensure students and staff can be safe on the blacktop areas - if it is not safe due to slippery conditions or if the wind chill is causing cold temperatures, we keep students inside during nutrition breaks and before school.  A reminder that supervision of students does not begin outside until 9:00 am - if students arrive before staff are on duty outside, we ask that they report to the office.  

On Thursday February 27th we hosted our Primary Family Learning Night at MSB.  Over 80 parents attended a variety of sessions led by our teaching staff.  Dinner and child care was provided by our School Council members  - thank you for your ongoing dedication to our learning community!  We also were pleased to welcome our Trustee Alice Strachan and our Superintendent Mark Zonneveld to the evening's events.  Our Student Leaders and student volunteers from Acton District High School did a wonderful job assisting with child care, welcoming participants, serving food and helping with registration...we are so proud of their dedication and leadership in making MSB a GREAT place to be!   

We will be hosting a Junior/Intermediate evening during the first week of May - watch for an information brochure to come home near the end of April! Sessions will include: MyBluePrint, knowing the apps on your child's phone, how to help with homework, DreamBox, the French program at MSB, and other sessions to support parents of junior/intermediate students.  


A grade 8 student shows off our new basketball uniforms at a game against Brookville PS. Thanks for the support from School Council for helping to fund the cost of new uniforms for our basketball and volleyball teams and singlets for our track and field teams.  

On Monday March 24th, over 90 grade seven students are leaving for three days of winter fun at Camp Muskoka!  They will be learning about Canadian history and geography, participating in outdoor winter sport activities, and further developing their leadership and teamwork skills!  Many students worked hard to fundraise towards the cost of their trip and are looking forward to three days without any technology or electronic devices!  We wish them well and know that they will make us proud!  We hope that this is the start of an annual tradition at MSB!  

Our grade eight students are starting to plan for their transition to high school as they complete course selections for next year and look forward to visiting their new high school this spring - it is hard to believe that they will be graduating from MSB in three months!  Over 90 grade eight students will be traveling to Ottawa and Montreal in June to learn about Canadian history and geography including visits to Parliament Hill, the old port of Montreal and the Biodome. The graduation ceremony for our grade eights will take place on Thursday June 26th at the Acton Legion - please note that it will take place on a Thursday this year!  The graduation committee has just started the planning - it will be an exciting evening!  

The April calendar will be posted by March 29th - it promises to be another busy month!

February 24, 2014

MSB is a great place to be! Over the past few weeks,  students have been involved in a number of exciting learning opportunities including celebrating the 100th day of school in our primary classrooms, participating in the intermediate science fair, learning about the Olympics and celebrating our Canadian athletes' accomplishments, and engaging in activities about Quebec Carnival in our French Immersion and core French classes. Our intermediate students have also learned about MyBluePrint which is an online tool that allows students to begin planning their pathway for secondary education and their career.  At MSB all students in grades 1-6 are accessing an online math tool called DreamBox as part of their math instruction.  DreamBox is a 'personalized online math learning experience that differentiates content, pace and sequence for the highest levels of student achievement' (http://www.dreambox.com/parents-overview).  Ask your child about the DreamBox program and have them demonstrate how the program works - all students can access this program from a home computer or tablet with their personal login.  

First term report cards for students in grades 1-8 will be coming home on Monday February 24th.  Students have been conferencing with teachers about their individual learning strengths and needs.  Please ask your child about their learning skills and what their goals are for second term.  The learning skills are collaboration, responsibility, organization, independent work, initiative and self-regulation.  These are the foundational skills and work habits needed to succeed in school.  We value your partnership in your child's learning - if you have any questions concerning the report card, please contact your child's teacher(s).

On Wednesday February 26th, we are celebrating 'PINK SHIRT' day at MSB.  Students are encouraged to wear pink shirts in support of Anti-Bullying Awareness and to stand up to bullying!  This year students designed t-shirts for our anti-bullying week in the fall.  Three designs were chosen and put onto a t-shirt that staff and students could order.  Over 350 pink t-shirts have been ordered - so we are hoping to see a lot of pink on Wednesday!   Our Safe School Action Team (SSAT) has planned an assembly on Wednesday in recognition of our anti-bullying initiatives at MSB.  The junior/intermediate students will attend the assembly second block (starting at 11:35) and the primary students will attend the assembly during third block (starting at 2:10). This engaging and interactive assembly will consist of students sharing the history of pink shirt day, showing a student created video on anti-bullying, singing with the junior choir, and the SSAT  members will be performing an anti-bullying dance and chant to teach other students how to stand up to bullies. Parents are welcome to join us at the assemblies.    

On Thursday February 27th, from 5:45 - 7:30 we are hosting a Primary Family Learning Night.  We will be offering a choice of seven sessions for parents to attend - all with a focus on supporting your child's learning at home.  Children will be supervised in the gym while they watch a movie and enjoy pizza and a drink.  Parents will be invited to join us for a light dinner while they attend two learning sessions of their choice.  We thank the School Council for funding the cost of the refreshments for the evening through the Parents Reaching Out Grant.  Sessions being offered include:
  • Parent Networking Series: Literacy at Home with Your JK Child (Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Migel and Mrs.VandeKemp) **available first session only*
  • Parent Networking Series: Literacy at Home with Your SK Child (Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Migel and Mrs.VandeKemp) **available second session only**
  • Self-Regulation in the FDK Years (Mrs. Loucks and Mrs. Zanth)
  • Math in an Inquiry Based FDK Classroom (Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Nolan)
  • Reading at Home with your Primary Child (Ms. Mashinter, Mrs. Radford and Mr. Jones)
  • Writing at Home with your Primary Child (Ms. Bale, Mrs. Nedanovski and Ms. Martineau)
  • Using Technology to Support Literacy Learning at Home (Mr. Baker, Mr. Brodie and Mr. Hazzard)
  • Using DreamBox to Support Math Learning at Home (Ms. Kilmer)
Please join us for a light dinner and learning and take home some useful ideas to help your child with reading, writing and math! In May, we will be hosting a similar Family Learning Night for parents with students in the Junior and Intermediate Divisions. Information about the sessions and registration will be sent home in April. The registration form can be found on the sidebar section under "Forms and Documents".

Breakfast Club is continuing on Monday and Wednesday mornings in the North Gym and near the Main Office  from 8:40 - 9:10.  Thank you to all the volunteers including parents, students and community members who make our Breakfast Club such a success.  If you have any time to volunteer, please let the office know.  This program makes a tremendous difference for our students.  The Breakfast Club is also hosting a fund-raiser for Halton Food for Thought - we welcome back HOTDOG days on Monday, March 3 and Wednesday, March 5 during second nutrition break.  More information to follow!

A reminder that Study Hall is available second break on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for our intermediate students in Mr. Mitchell's Room 125.  

Students are busy with both their academic programs and their extra - curricular programs at MSB!  Students have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of clubs including Mind Craft, Talking Hands Club (for grade one and two students to learn sign language), Primary and Junior Choir, Band, intramurals, grade 7 and 8 basketball, Student Leaders, Safe School Action Team...the list goes on! Encourage your child to get involved!  Information about clubs, activities and sports are shared on the daily announcements and posted on the monitor outside the office.

A reminder that Thursday March 6th is the last day of classes before March Break in Halton.  Friday March 7th is a PD day in Halton and the students do not attend school on this day. March Break runs from Monday March 10 - 14 inclusive and students return to school on Monday March 17th.  
Weather Reminders:
Throwing snowballs or “snowing” others or motor vehicles is not allowed at school. Consequences are progressive, and may include suspension.  Parents, please remind students that people can be hurt by snowballs, and hitting vehicles can cause accidents. All students are clearly made aware of this policy through regular announcements and classroom discussions.  We appreciate your support.
As winter weather approaches, a reminder about  INCLEMENT WEATHER PROCEDURES
Bus Cancellation/School Closure Procedures
The decision to cancel buses and/or close schools before the start of a school day will be made prior to 6:00a.m., the following radio/television stations will be informed by 6:30 a.m.
AM Stations: CFRB (1010 AM) CJOY (1460 AM)CHML (900 AM) CKOC (1150 AM)
CHWO (740 AM) CHFI (680 AM)
FM Stations: CHFI (98.1 FM) WAVE (94.7 FM)Y108 (107.9 FM) CING (95.3 FM)
CKFM (99.9 FM) KLITE (102.9 FM)
CBC (99.1 FM) CIMJ (106.1 FM)
Television Stations: CHTV Morning Show, CITY TV

When transportation is cancelled prior to school opening it is cancelled for the ENTIRE DAY. Should parents decide to take their children to school when cancelled, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that at least one staff member of the school has arrived and is on duty and that the children are picked up at thenormal dismissal time. Schools remain open when transportation is cancelled.

In the event that it is necessary to dismiss bus students early or close the school during the day, the decision will be made by 11:00 a.m. and broadcast on the listed radio stations by l2:00 noon. Because it is not feasible to notify every parent directly of an early bus dismissal or closing, please check the board website,or the school website regularly in extreme weather.

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